ALERT: Avoid Online Scammers Posing as Official NEXT Trucking Job Recruiters

Thank you for your interest in NEXT Trucking, Inc. We encourage you to explore job opportunities at NEXT Trucking, Inc. and to review current openings that are listed on our official job board. We would like to assure you that all official NEXT Trucking, Inc. websites and resources are completely safe and secure. We have always, and will continue to, make every effort to ensure the privacy and security of information provided to us from potential candidates.

However, please be aware of fraudulent scams and communications that do not originate from NEXT Trucking, Inc. and its affiliated entities. These may consist of internet, email, and/or telephone scams in which scammers may try to take advantage of job seekers by posing as official representatives of prominent companies, including NEXT Trucking, Inc. Intended victims may be invited to participate in fraudulent online interviews, asked to fill out fabricated employment applications and, on occasion, have even been issued fake offer letters, all with the ultimate goal of enticing job seekers to pay money or share sensitive personal information. Do NOT fall victim to these scams.

During the initial recruiting process, NEXT Trucking, Inc. and its affiliated entities never seek fees from prospective candidates, will not advance or collect funds to purchase office equipment, and will not ask any candidate for banking information, credit card numbers, financial information, or any other information to facilitate the transfer of funds.

Signs of a potential scam to watch for:

  • Communications that are unsolicited or unexpected, or are from an individual or website with which you are unfamiliar or whose domain name is inconsistent with the domain used by NEXT Trucking, Inc;
  • Correspondence from free email accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. A NEXT Trucking, Inc. employee will not solicit candidates through a non-NEXT Trucking, Inc. email address or phone number;
  • Communications at the application phase requesting your social security number, date of birth, or other sensitive personal information;
  • Communications at the application phase requesting a fee for certification, training materials, or expenses, with or without a promise of reimbursement;
  • Offers that sound ‘too good to be true’ or are made without verifying work experience or references.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below if you think that a communication or career opportunity that you have received from NEXT Trucking, Inc. may not be legitimate. We request that you be prepared to email any documentation you received including original emails as attachments.

NEXT Trucking, Inc. Security:

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